Sunday, November 23, 2008

Never buy a DELL XPS

Now it has happened again :(

The motherboard of my two year old DELL XPS 700 has broke again - only six months after it was replaced last April. DELL's support in Norway won't help me as XPS is just a subcontractor PC branded as DELL. I had to call international support in Ireland (or was it India), where they tried to cheat me of my Norwegian consumer rights. Then I had to stay home from work for three days because InfoCare didn't come as promised the first two times, without even notifying me that they wouldn't come anyway.

No more.

The XPS is now for sale at In fact, I will never buy DELL again.


Anonymous said...

Makes me a bit worried here on my XPS M1730, but for the moment the problem is Vista x64, not the hardware yet. However: what's gonna be your replacement? Mac? :)

Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi said...

No, still a PC, a HP a6655 as at one third of the price of the XPS it doesn't matter if it gets broken after a couple of years :)

It came with Vista x64 so I have spent some time to make it work with my gadgets such as Archos media player, my Canon Ixus, etc. No printer driver available for my Epson printer, all kinds of driver issues as did warn about.