Friday, April 11, 2008

DELL Support, XPS Motherboard

I have a rather new DELL XPS which motherboard broke a few weeks ago, a rather typical failure for XPS desktops according to DELL's support forum. Alas, DELL Norge will not help me since it is an XPS, even if I bought it from them using their site. Even better, you can only chat with DELL here in Norway if you want to buy something, not if you need support.

I called DELL's XPS premier support hotline, and an engineer and the required parts was dispatched to come to my home last friday. Due to this I had to be at home, waiting for the guy from DELL's Norwegian hardware service provider InfoCare. The day passed by, no engineer, no call, no information whatsoever. I contacted DELL premier XPS support again, and got a call this monday: "unfortunately, there had been a problem with dispatching the parts - sorry for not informing you". Yeah, right.

As I am on business travel three days a week currently, the engineer was dispatched to come this friday. This morning the InfoCare engineer called to say they were coming just after lunch. Guess what, at 15:30 he called again to tell me that "something came up, hehe". I'm really feeling that DELL premier support is doing their best to solve my problem to my satisfaction. Afterall, InfoCare's slogan is "The Art of Service" (sic!).

So, next week I have to spend another day home from work, waiting for the engineer to come and repair my XPS. Two days home from work, so far :-(

I will buy my next PC in a shop where I can talk with real people; and deliver and pick up the PC for repair myself - even if it takes weeks to fix it.

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