Monday, August 31, 2009

Puzzlepart - Exciting Times Ahead

Today was my last day as an MSFT FTE, tomorrow I'm co-founder and partner at Puzzlepart - as the second person in the company after my old colleague Mads Nissen.

At Puzzlepart we will continue our joint SharePoint adventure. Together we have delivered quite a few SharePoint and MSCRM solutions, such as this case study shown by Steve Ballmer himself at the 2005 business summit. As you can see from the video, we focus on delivering business value - and we're working on our design skills.

As they say at my old employer: I'm super excited to be here! And to my now former colleagues at MCS: Thank you for all that you do!


Robin Meuré said...

Good luck and have fun over there! Say hi to Mads from me ;)

Lars said...

Good luck! Hope to also see some WCF and SOA related posts in the future.