Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Technology & Restaurants in Trondheim, Norway

It is vacation time in Norway, so you won't see many posts on my blog in July. So this summer's post is a bit on the light side: restaurants in Trondheim that me and two colleagues have dined in this year while on a project there.

The ranking is based on the quality of the meals (food+wine), then the service and atmosphere:

1. Credo: the best overall experience, really good wine list, always full, lively place.
2. Fem Bord: maybe the best food, the smallest place of the top three.
3. Emilies: one of the top three, close race with Fem Bord, a bit too quiet.
4. Palmehaven: the best main courses in Trondheim, the best service, too few guests.
5. Rica Nidelven: based on local food, too few guests, impersonal waiters.
6. Chablis: a bit to formal/bizniz, but the food is good, quite good wine list.
7. To rom og kjøkken: one of the top ten, few tables, combination of bar and restaurant.
Non ranked, not quite up there: Jonathan, Dråpen

What has this got to do with technology? Trondheim is the technology capital of Norway, with my univerity
NTNU, and both Fast, Google and Yahoo has research centers there. So, if you like e.g. Google's Marissa Mayer ever goes to Trondheim, you know where to dine.

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