Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tagged - Notebook Fetish

My friend Anders Norås tagged me on how I take notes. I have to admit that I like OneNote when I do research and information gathering, especially the free form text entry and the nice screen capture tool (Windows button + S) that also logs where you found the info.

However, whenever I interact with customers, e.g. taking meeting notes, doing SOA maturity interviews or capturing input from users; I have a standard blue, boring analogous A5 notebook and a pen, as sitting behind a laptop and typing away creates a barrier between me and the subjects.

Finally, I use my phone to enter an unsent text message should I happen to think of something ingeneously on my train commute. Which is very unlikely as it is only 14 minutes :)

Tag you're it: how do you enter notes:
Christian Weyer
Thomas Bruusgaard

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