Friday, February 15, 2008

SOA modeling: business, process, service, data

It is the last day at TechReady6 here in Seattle, and I've been to some quite interesting sessions among the ~1200 available sessions, attending mostly on SOA stuff. It has been several "Oslo" related talks about composite, service-oriented applications; one that really stood out was Hatay Tuna on an upcoming modeling offering. As you may know, modeling is a very central aspect of "Oslo", and Hatay presented a really cool tool for modeling business capabilities (MSBA/Motion), business processes, services (process, activity/capability, entity) and finally the data that goes into these interrelated models. I cannot tell you more right now, but read more about the ideas behind this modeling tool and guidance at Hatay's blog.

This weekend I'm attending a bootcamp on Microsoft's
SOA Maturity Model (SOAMM) - a technology agnostic assessment of an organization's level of maturity on developing, using and governing service-oriented systems. This methodology is based on several years of field experience through many MCS projects and consists of a standard interview process+tool across both business and IT (operations and development) roles that leads to an assessment, which then can be used to produce a roadmap for how the company can achieve its SOA goals.

PS! I spoke with William Oellermann about the XPS only
documentation of the Managed Services Engine, and he promptly made the documentation available in PDF format for you Java & Mac guys out there. I see that Anders Norås already has downloaded the documentation nine times :)

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