Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MSCRM: viewing DHTML source of 'related entity' frames

Michael Höhne has an good post on how to change the default view of related entities in MSCRM v3, in which he shows how to gather the info necessary for creating the OnLoad javascript. One of the needed elements is the ID of a combobox inside the <iframe id="areaActivityHistoryFrame">. However, getting at the source of frames is not that easy in MSIE as Michael has discovered. The same goes for seeing the actual content of a modified dynamic HTML page.

Viewing the 'history' source is actually rather simple, follow these steps:
  • Open the view account form
  • Press CTRL-N on the keyboard to show the browser chrome including the address bar
  • Select the 'History' folder to view the related activities
  • Enter this javascript in the address bar and press enter to view the frame source:
javascript: '<xmp>' + document.frames("areaActivityHistoryFrame").document .body.outerHTML + '</xmp>';

Change the name of the <iframe> in the javascript to view the source of other related entity folders. Remember to select the folder first to make the frame source available for the script.

The above script is a slight modification of this script to view the dynamic source of the window.document:

javascript: '<xmp>' + window.document.documentElement.outerHTML + '</xmp>';

The MSIE Developer Toolbar is also useful, except for the issues with frames as described by Michael.

While you're in javascript mode, check out the impressive list of useful javascript snippets for MSCRM at Michael's Stunnware site.

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