Monday, February 26, 2007

Two years of blogging

Today is my two year anniversary as a blogger. I have managed a rate of one post per week on average, which is far better than I expected when I started. The topics have changed over time as my projects have moved from MSCRM+Exchange+Outlook+ActiveDirectory via InfoPath and .NET 2/VS2005 stuff to service-oriented solutions using WCF and other NETFX3 technologies.

The most popular article on my blog has been 'Outlook 2003 .NET add-ins with VSTO 2005' for quite a while, with Sue Mosher's as the main referrer. My posts about .NET 2 WinForms databinding have also been very popular, especially those about object binding source problems and how to solve them. Google is top-dog referrer to my blog, which is nice as it shows that what I write about are useful for the community.

Of my recent posts, the WCF 'Providing exception shielding details using Generics' article has entered the top five list; along with the 'How to expose a WCF service also as an ASMX web-service' post. I suspect that the growing popularity of Flex for RIAs cause some of the traffic for the latter posting.

That's is all for now, I'll be back soon with more about WCF and stuff from EntLib3 that you just got to love.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats and up to the next year of blogging :)